Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let's cook!

Our weekly Baby School has grown up into what we now call Toddler Tuesdays. Since the kids aren't babies any longer, we've created a preschool-like morning. We still have free time to play, then we sing some songs followed by a snack. Finally, each week a different mom plans an activity. It's been a lot of fun. We've stacked all kinds and colors of blocks, we've put all sizes of balls into all sizes of buckets, we've made and played with puppets, we've had a pumpkin patch field trip and we've even done pretend cooking. These photos are from our pretend cooking activity which all the kids really enjoyed.

Here's Kelton cooking with Nana.
20061003-0009.jpg 20061003-0016.jpg

Here's all the little cooks hard at work, starting with Maya S and Mirabel.
20061003-0055.jpg 20061003-0048.jpg

Here's Maya Q, Kaden, Skylar and the whole gang cooking up a storm.
20061003-0057.jpg 20061003-0026.jpg 20061003-0010.jpg 20061003-0070.jpg